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Delaware, OH 43015
United States
40° 17' 55.2192" N, 83° 4' 4.674" W

My Cycling

Activity Date Type of Bike Type of Cycling Distance(s) in Miles Elevation Gain in Feet City (closest) Sate / Province
Delaware to Galena around Sunbury Tuesday, Jan 15 Road Bike Individual Route 51 1,700 Delaware Ohio
Thursday night Fast Ride! Thursday, Jun 21 Road Bike Group Ride 20 485 Delaware Ohio
One Dog Ride...Lucky He was a bit old. Thursday, Jun 21 Road Bike Individual Route 28 2,100 Delaware Ohio
Mechanicsburg-Catawba partial Team Ride. Sunday, May 6 Road Bike Group Ride 2,083 Plain City Ohio
8 hill climb off the Loveland trail Thursday, May 3 Road Bike Group Ride 27 1,800 Loveland Ohio

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