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Columbus, OH 43214
United States
40° 2' 52.9728" N, 83° 1' 31.4256" W

My Cycling

Activity Date Type of Bike Type of Cycling Distance(s) in Miles Elevation Gain in Feet City (closest) Sate / Province
Chicken Coop Climbfest-120 miles, 15,000 elevation gain Monday, Dec 24 Road Bike Group Ride 120 15,000 Sugar Grove Ohio
Gatlinburg to Clingmans Dome Thursday, Sep 13 Road Bike Group Ride 22 5,100 Gatlinburg Tennessee
Duncan Falls to McConnelsville Thursday, Aug 16 Road Bike Individual Route 54 4,000 Duncan Falls Ohio
Garrett County Gran Fondo Wednesday, Jul 11 Road Bike Timed Bike Tour 102 10,000 Friendsville Maryland
Mountains of Misery Saturday, Jun 16 Road Bike Timed Bike Tour 102 10,000 Blacksburg Virginia

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My Blog Posts

Title Post date Blog text Pictures Videos
Nonscientific Evidence of new energy source Sunday, Mar 30 ...
Jeff Sturm caught me sneaking to Wado for a Balogna Sandwich Saturday, Feb 16
Snowy Waldo Balogna Ride Saturday, Feb 16
Road Kill Florida Style Saturday, Feb 16
I want you, I need you, I love you! Saturday, Feb 16


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