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Columbus, OH 43220
United States
40° 3' 2.2608" N, 83° 4' 6.0672" W

My Cycling

Activity Date Type of Bike Type of Cycling Distance(s) in Miles Elevation Gain in Feet City (closest) Sate / Province
Saturday Ride - Team SociALE Friday, May 25 Road Bike Group Ride Powell Ohio
COP New Albany Ride Friday, May 25 Road Bike Group Ride 30 New Albany Ohio
COP Avery Park Ride Friday, May 25 Road Bike Group Ride 35, 45 Dublin Ohio
Prospect Friday, May 4 Road Bike Group Ride 50, 60 Powell Ohio
Church Loop Friday, May 4 Road Bike Group Ride 24, 38 430 Powell Ohio

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My Blog Posts

Title Post date Blog text Pictures Videos
Road Bike Party 2 by Martyn Ashton - Crazy Skills! Tuesday, Dec 10

Martyn Ashton just came out with his sequel Road Bike Party 2 which he debutes more crazy tricks done on road bikes.

Bike Doctor App - Bike Repair on iPhone and iPad Thursday, Jun 20

Cool app to help with all different aspects of bike maintenance and repair.

I wonder why "The Bike" Dance never took off? Monday, Dec 10
Hell hath doth frozen over? Saturday, Sep 8

Am I actual starting to like riding hills? After losing 24 lbs I did a hill climbing training ride today. 3,400 feet of climbing over 13 hills....

Hang in there Taylor Phinney! Wednesday, May 9

Taylor Phinney's foot after the crash that took out him and Cavendish. I can't imagine having to do the team time trial today and defend the pink...


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