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Dublin, OH 43016
United States
40° 5' 57.2244" N, 83° 6' 50.6772" W

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Cap City Cross at Darree Fields #2 Thursday, Nov 22 Cross Bike Race Dublin Ohio

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First Two Tuesday, Apr 16

After the first two races of my 8 race season plan I am happy to report I have finished first- ahead of everyone who finished behind me in each...

Approach to Winter Thursday, Nov 22

Lately, I have had a lot of questions swirling in my head concerning my hobby – cycling.

What are my goals for the winter?
Why do I...

"Mountain" Biking in Central Ohio Monday, Sep 3

Hurricane Isaac has hit Ohio with little more than a few delicate thunderstorms, some unseasonable heat, and a ton of inaccurate weather forecasts...

Colorado Monday, Aug 27


I had forgotten the gentleman from Granville's name who sat to the left of me but his four...

Wednesday lunch stop in Golden.

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