TOSRV - Tour of the Scioto River Valley


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Ride Year Times Ridden Distance Total Time Most Memorable Biggest Challenge Weather Conditions Pictures Read More...
2012 3 210 11.25 100 miles on Sunday with non-stop rain, BIG Challenge! 100 Miles in cold rain Perfect 70 degree weather on Saturday and exact opposite Sunday with rain all day and temp around... Read Full Experience
2011 3 210 11.5 Hours Rode as a complete group both ways at a steady pace. Felt good physically when finished. A little rain and cold start on Sunday. Both days were generally good weather Read Full Experience
2010 2 110 6 hours 30 mph crosswinds on the way down to Portsmouth. Meet new riders and a riding group that I still... Getting a cold Saturday evening and couldn't ride on Sunday Sat had 30 mph crosswinds and I didn't ride Sunday but I remember it was cold. Read Full Experience

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