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The ProAm Bike Guides are a wonderful group of riders with vast knowledge and experience that they are willing to share. They embody the spirit of fun cycling and are happy to volunteer their time to answer your questions. We hope their knowledge makes a difference for you and helps your riding advance to a new level of enjoyment.

Cyclists Nutrition

Ashley Doyle-Lucas, PhD is your guide to Cycling Nutrition on ProAm Bike. Ashley danced professionally with the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and later, The Richmond Ballet. Following her dancing career she attended Virginia Tech where she completed her PhD in Nutrition in Sport and Disease. Her research focused on energy metabolism and the Female Athlete Triad. Ashley is in avid cyclist and enjoys offering nutrition education to fellow cyclists, both men and women. Ashley is happy to answer questions related to cycling nutrition, diet, weight loss and performance.

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Road Bike Basics

Tim Malone is your guide to Road Bike Basics on ProAm Bike. Tim has a genuine love of cycling that started in childhood and continues now into retirement. He is very experienced in many types of riding including Road Riding, Time Trials, Mountain Biking and Cyclocross. Tim's peak in cycling came in his mid thirties when he won the State Cyclocross Championships and participated in the National Time Trial Championships and Olympic Trials. These days Tim most enjoys leading group rides and going on hilly solo rides through the beautiful countryside. more

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Mountain Bike Basics

Mike is your guide to Mountain Bike Basics on ProAm Bike. A former nuclear engineer-turned-cyber playboy, Mike has been mountain biking since the late '80s and on a yearly basis racks up around 150,000 feet of accent. If you watch Mike's mastery on the trails you will see that he totally one with the bike. He wants to help you share this same experience, so he will do his best at answering questions related to getting started riding mountain bikes, sweet trail selection, and achieving spiritual balance on two wheels. more

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Group Riding

Bill Gordon is your guide to Group Rides on ProAm Bike. Bill is a veteran of some of the toughest mass group rides with names like "Mountains of Misery" and "Blood, Sweat & Gears". Bill currently sits as the cycling chair for the Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, and organization that does both mass group rides of 3,000+ riders and also many local weekly group rides. So whether you're interested in getting started with group riding or your about to take on the challenge of a mass group event Bill is likely to have some sound advice. ... read more

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Start Riding

Jeff Sturm is your guide for getting started with bike riding on ProAm Bike. Jeff's interest in cycling began as a boy building bikes from spare parts, he built them to ride hard and fast, to “Ride faster than those kids on their Schwinn’s”. In 1980’s Jeff met an Amateur cyclist who ran a bike shop and bought his first real road bike and never looked back. Jeff has logged Tens of Thousands of miles all over the county. Jeff is available to answer questions on bike skills; anything from getting starting riding to group riding to finding a ride. ... read more

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Start Racing

Aaron Daniels is your guide for getting started with road bike racing on ProAm Bike. Aaron was a nationally ranked amateur BMX racer in his teenage years. After college Aaron got back to his cycling roots and took up both road and mountain bike riding. His new cycling enthusiasm had him once again take up racing but this time with road bikes. Aaron currently holds a Category 4 road race license and has also raced cross country mountain bikes and cyclocross as well. ... read more

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Charity Rides

Ann Louise Sumner is your guide to Charity Rides on ProAm Bike. An avid cyclist herself Ann Louise has a bit of friendly competitiveness that runs through her blood, and in a good way this carries through to her charity work. Since 2006 Ann Louise's team has raised over $143,000 and she personally has raised over $24,000 to fight Diabetes and Cancer. She was the Recruitment Chair of the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure Planning Committee in 2012 and expects to be again in 2013. ... read more

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Post Ride Beers

Doug Turner is your guide to Post Ride Beers on ProAm Bike. If you're like many cyclists your favorite beer is a post ride beer. Doug is passionate about both cycling and beer, test his beer knowledge with your next post ride beer choice. As a bartender during college and years after, Doug has 8 years behind the taps. Now employed by a research firm, he practices chemistry professionally and conducts beer research on the side. Whether it's a lager, porter, ale, stout, or Belgian, he likely has a favorite. ... read more

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